10 reasons why you need to have a website

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Tells people who you are and what you do.
A website is no different to an interview. It’s the space where you’re able to introduce yourself to potential clients / employees, provide insight into the product or service you offer, how you are able to help them and your background story. It’s also the place where people can connect with your brand and decide whether you’re the “ideal company” for them.
24/7 access.
Unlike a physical store or an office that has set hours during which they trade, your website is open 24/7. This allows your customers access to view your website, submit queries as and when needed.
Builds credibility.
If you want to position yourself as a reputable company who people can trust and want to do business with, then your first impression needs to be a lasting one. Being credible will easily convince potential clients / emploees to work with you.
Keeps people informed.
If there’s constant change taking place within your business – new products you’re launching, promotions or specials you’re offering or company related updates you need to inform clients / potential employees of, your website will help keep people in the loop.
Helps generate business.
Did you know, the United States Of America has over 297 million active internet users? If the goal is to grow your business and generate more income, the opportunity to attract big business awaits you online.
Your competitors have one.
Is staying ahead of the competition a priority to you? We reckon it should be! Your competitors play an important role in the overall success of your business. Your digital footprint contributes to the way in which you appeal to the target audience you’re vying for.
Allows you to target a wider audience.
A bigger audience equals a potential to make more money. How many potential clients are within a 5km radius, and how are you reaching them? Think of a website as virtual expansion, you can reach more people locally and you can take your product or service to a national or global pool of potential clients.
Important for marketing.
If you want potential clients to convert to actual clients, having a website where they will get directed to is important, your website is essentially the core of your overall marketing strategy.
Showcases your portfolio and testimonials.
Your portfolio allows people to see what you have done and what you’re capable of doing. It is usually one of the very first things a potential client will request from you. If you’ve had good feedback about your product or service, testimonials will help close the deal on new sales.
The cost of brochures, flyers and other means of advertising to promote your business can become expensive. A web presence is an inexpensive alternative that proves to be a constant form of advertising for your business, and an investment that will save you both time and money in the long-run.

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