Direct shippers, your path towards growth and expansion.

Don't let brokers stifle your progress.
Build a self-reliant fleet and win over shippers without brokers.
Say goodbye to broker fees.
Eliminate the middleman and save up to 15% from gross on broker fees.
Retain more.
Retain more of your hard-earned money, fueling your ambitions & financial aspirations.
Earn more.
With direct shippers you even earn 50 to 75 cents more per mile.

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Higher profits
Cutting out brokers means you retain the full freight payment, leading to increased profitability for your trucking business.
Stable revenue streams
Direct relationships with shippers often lead to more consistent and predictable loads, ensuring a steady flow of work.
Stronger partnerships
Building direct connections with shippers fosters long-term relationships, promoting trust and loyalty.
Better communication
Direct communication with shippers allows for clear instructions, load updates, and improved problem-solving.
Reduced costs
Eliminating broker commissions and fees lowers operating expenses, resulting in improved cost-effectiveness.
Flexibility and negotiation
Working directly with shippers may enable more room for negotiation on rates and terms, benefiting your bottom line.
Increased freight visibility
You gain better insights into available freight, ensuring you can select the most profitable and suitable loads.
Market insights
Establishing direct relationships with shippers provides valuable market insights, helping you align your services with demand trends.
Branding and reputation
Collaborating directly with reputable shippers can enhance your company’s image and credibility within the industry.
Control over operations
Having direct relationships with shippers grants you more control over scheduling, load preferences, and overall business decisions.

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